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"Rhizome" makes it easier for various .NET developers to start with automata-based programming.
Rhizome mission is to separate behavior Logic (what to do) from Semantic (how to do).

Rhizome main goals are:
  • To be extendable;
  • To be reusable;
  • To be cross-platform;

Rhizome main features are:
  • XAML support
  • Native Coroutine support

Rhizome core Designed by Contract and can be extended with common object-oriented techniques to support various domain models.

Automaton can be constructed with reusable items such as triggers, criteria and actions.

Rhizome supports .NET, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7 and XNA.
The same automaton can be reused in various .net platforms

Rhizome automaton, states and rules can be instantiated in XAML.

Coroutine support
Rhizome comes with build-in support for coroutines thought Active Object pattern and C# iterator syntax.

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